Nov/December '18 Update

Greetings from Lake Providence! 

The chilly winds of winter blew into town much earlier than expected, but work continues along as we hurtle toward Christmas. The cooler months have brought more students to the  adult education program, though it's taking extra time this fall semester to walk with certain of them through the process of completing their high school diploma. It's a blessing that these particular students are dedicated to sticking with the program, even while it's taking them extra time to increase their reading abilities. 

We've also completed the paperwork and have received notice from the State of Louisiana and the IRS that we're now officially a 501(c)3. This has been in the works for a few years, and I'm personally grateful that the process has been completed. This is in keeping with several other Together for Hope sites around the country. It particularly helps us on the fundraising front in that we can make better applications for grants and can more accurately communicate with donors about our tax-exempt status. It also opens greater windows to partner with other denominations, religious groups, and non-profits who may have been wary or unable to work formally with a religious ministry. We'll, of course, continue to be a ministry of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Louisiana, but we'll have greater options to make the work sustainable in Lake Providence over a long term. 

Lastly, I've been asked to serve as secretary on the board of the Providence Fuller Center for Housing. While lots of local volunteers are helping with some of the small home repair projects that we're undertaking, we could also potentially use some CBF volunteers for an occasional Saturday's worth of work in the future. So, if you or someone you know is skilled, or semi-skilled, or would like to be more skilled or could offer moral support, we may reach out to solicit your help in tackling some local projects. 

Thank you all, again, for all that you do to make Together for Hope a possibility in East Carroll Parish. Please continue to consider ways to support the ministry as we move into 2019. Never hesitate to call or email if you, a Sunday School class, your place of business, or your congregation would like to know specific ways that you may be able to help. We can continue to use scholarship support for GED students, and there are certainly other areas where we could use help for additional programming opportunities. 

Have a blessed Christmas season, and be a blessing to someone else!