October Update

Members of the local Mennonite youth group help paint and clean the new Learning Center

Members of the local Mennonite youth group help paint and clean the new Learning Center

September has been a productive and busy month. It was a pleasure to visit with the congregations at Emmanuel, Broadmoor, and Church for the Highlands. It was also good to see a few of members of University Baptist, as we picked up a second round of young adult literature which they've generously donated. The books have been distributed with both Bags of Hope and the teachers at General Trass High School. Regarding Bags of Hope, the results have been tremendous, as we raised over $6,000 in cash donations and nearly $2,000 worth of materials. Teachers at Southside Elementary (and leaders of the Art Club) identified key school supplies needed for their students. The materials have been purchased and delivered directly to their classrooms. 

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The location of the Learning Center also moved in September. The new space is just down the street, and it's larger, providing more office and programming space. It's also better equipped for internet service, which was nearly impossible in the previous building. This move also presented an opportunity to partner with members of the local Mennonite community, as they are currently selling baked goods on the street in front of the new space. 

The downtown has a renewed energy on the days when they're selling their items, and it's good that Together for Hope can work with them to make their efforts more sustainable. The building also received a deep cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, thanks to help from Americorps volunteers in Vicksburg and from the Mennonite youth group. 

In October, in addition to our regular programming, we'll also offer a Computer Literacy course for community members. This free course will meet three times during the month.

Thank you, again, for all the ways you support the ministry and the town of Lake Providence. Every donation and every dollar makes an impact. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.