Are there opportunities for service learning?

what do they look like?

Yes!  We welcome religious groups, community groups, and individuals to visit us here in Lake Providence. Groups are invited who have a desire to learn more about the Delta, the challenges specific to rural communities, and how new partnerships may be formed in service to one another.


Groups are invited to consider any of the following trip layouts:

  • A day trip
  • A weekend trip
  • A week in the summer 

Service-Learning Values :

  1. Work alongside local leaders and residents: We are deliberate in coordinating work projects that allow our guests to work with local people in Lake Providence. This is done so that meaningful, reciprocal relationships can be formed. It's important to the mission of Together for Hope that the dignity and agency of people in East Carroll be recognized and respected. In other words, service work isn't something we do "for" others, but it's something we do with others.
  2. Learn from local leaders and residents: In addition to concrete service projects, we also work to coordinate opportunities for groups to listen to and learn from local leaders and residents of Lake Providence. This gives a group an opportunity to learn directly from people who experience the difficulties, challenges, and joys about living in the Delta. We emphasize to incoming groups that they can also learn a great deal about themselves on their trip and how they might engage their own home community in just and sustainable ways.
  3. Worship with a local congregation: It's difficult to understand life in the Delta without understanding the role that religion has and continues to play in the life of local residents. Together for Hope, as a mission of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, also emphasizes the role of spirituality as a critical component for the flourishing of individuals and communities.

    Worship opportunities in Northeastern Louisiana are primarily Christian experiences. Together for Hope welcomes all groups regardless of religious background. Guests who do not share in a Christian background are welcomed to engage a cross-cultural learning experience by visiting one of the many different denominations in the area, if they feel comfortable doing so.  

    We also emphasize to visiting groups that religious devotion is already a strong asset of the Lake Providence community. Together for Hope cultivates partnerships with area ministers, ministries, and congregations. Visiting groups will have opportunities to collaborate and partner with these ministries.  
  4. Thematic Learning Opportunities: We are able to coordinate learning sessions and exploratory sessions on themes such as:
  • The social history of the Delta
  • Blues music and the Spirituals
  • Social topics: housing, prisons, civil rights, public education
  • Asset-based community development
  • Civic leadership
  • Art (photography, writing, painting)
  • Race and racism in the American Christianity

Where can a visiting group stay?

TFH-LA operates a "Mission House/Retreat Center" and it is available for a group of up to 15 individuals.

Details include:

  • 2 Bunk Rooms with a total of 10 physical twin beds.
    • Also available are three couches and floor space for air mattresses.
  • One full private bathroom, a separate private bathroom with no shower, and two additional private showers. 
  • Fully loaded Kitchen and Dining Room (cutlery, dining ware, cookware, paper supplies)
  • Laundry room with washer and dryer
  • Separate Family and Living rooms for group work/hang out.

There are two hotels in Lake Providence and another in nearby Oak Grove, Louisiana (a twenty minute commute to Lake Providence)

Is there a charge for the Mission House/Retreat Center?

Yes, there is a $10 per person per day charge to stay. This helps us cover the costs associated with utilities, basic paper supplies, and other expenses.


What about meals?

Groups can either a) cook or b) eat at one of our lovely local restaurants.


  • We ask that groups buy what groceries they can from our local grocery store, Jong's, to help support the local Lake Providence economy as part of your trip.

  • Groups have complete access to a fully stocked kitchen with utensils, plates, cooking utensils, a large deep freezer, pots/pans, oven, fridge, and a dishwasher.
  • Suggestion to include those who can't come: ask other members of your organization to prepare several casseroles, freeze them, and send them with the group. We have a small deep freezer at the Mission House/Retreat Center for such an occasion!

Eat Out:

Lake Providence is in Soul Food country, so there are many delicious options available for groups. In town you'll be able to visit restaurants including:

  • The Dock (Cajun/Seafood) 
  • The Dream Eatery (Soul Food)
  • El Agave (Tex-Mex)
  • Jong's Cafe (Soul Food)
  • Sonic (Fast Food)