January/February '19 Update

Greetings from Lake Providence!

The new year is off to a wonderful beginning. We've weathered the daunting polar vortex,.thankfully, with much style and grace, with few water pipes freezing or school cancellations. 

The adult education classes are booming. Many new students have come forward this spring semester and several are showing great promise to be able to graduate in a matter of months. Others are planning on participating in the LPN program, which begins in late May of this year. 

We look forward, especially, to CBF-LA gathering again in Lake Providence this spring for a meeting and work day. Many people throughout the town were so very pleased with the work done at the community college last year. We'll have similar projects at the school and also at a few other locations around town. There will be something for everyone. 

As the Delta, generally speaking, is often an ignored area in the state, your presence will be most welcome. I hope that you're encouraged to always remember to say a positive word about the town and the people who continue to work so hard to help it reflect God's healing and justice. Thanks for all you continue to do to make the ministry possible!