August/September '18 Update

Greetings from Lake Providence!

The busy summer has come to a close - now, if only the heat would subside, as well. I'm back to a regular teaching schedule with the adult education program in Lake Providence. I'm excited to share that two students made quick work of their GED and are already graduated! Others are quickly following in their path. We're on pace for our third testing date in Lake Providence in a few weeks, and we'll have more coming in the months ahead. It's a tremendous gift for students to be able to test here, in town, as compared to over an hour away. 

The Learning Center has changed venues in downtown Lake Providence, though we only moved two lots down on Lake Street. The new building is better suited for internet, has more space, and can be more easily adapted for multi-purpose programming in the future. We've also entered into an interesting partnership with a group of extraordinary Mennonite bakers. They began selling their baked goods on the street in front of the new Learning Center earlier this summer before we moved. The town is thrilled to have our Mennonite friends selling baked goods again, and we at Together for Hope certainly don't want to discourage their entrepreneurial spirit (and delicious extra calories).

It was also a special joy to have my calling for this ministry reaffirmed on Sept. 9 at Church for the Highlands with an ordination service. I certainly extend my gratitude to this congregation and to all of the other CBF-LA congregations, as you've all supported me during these two years in the Delta. I look forward also to being able to visit with Emmanuel Baptist and Broadmoor Baptist later this month. 

Thank you all, again, for supporting the ministry and the people of Lake Providence. Your work and donations with Bags of Hope, HiSET scholarships, and more, is greatly appreciated.