September '16 Update

Greetings from Lake Providence!

I’m happy to write that things have been going well since beginning in this new call on September 1. Shortly after arriving in Lake Providence, the annual gathering of Together for Hope practitioners occurred in Decatur, GA. It was a wonderful gift to begin my time by meeting others who are doing work with TFH in other locations and to meet other staff members at CBF Global.

After returning to Lake Providence, I was greeted by a few local community leaders who graciously helped me get plugged into some of the work currently being done in town. A few people across vocational backgrounds were gathering to discuss ways to increase access to mental health care for residents. Some of the challenges that the town faces include transportation, home visits, and bed space in the local clinic. There was good energy in the meeting as the group identified a few short-time and long-term goals.

At a recent city council meeting, we learned that a local person will be opening another restaurant in the space that used to be Jehovah Java. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served, leaving community members excited that there will once again be available a “coffee shop” type of space. On a similar note, the community has greatly celebrated the re-opening (after a fire) of The Dream Eatery (formerly “My Dream Eatery”). The food is absolutely delicious and the new space looks wonderful. Sadly, in other news, the local hardware store is closing after one hundred years of service to East Carrol Parish. Please be in prayer for the individuals who are looking for work as a result.

Also, I was invited to join a tutoring program at Southside Elementary School, which works with 3rd graders on their reading skills. This is a great way for Together for Hope to continue its relationship with this school, and others, in addition to the annual Bags of Hope project.

Please know that I am available to speak to your church, a missions committee, or to preach. Our work in Lake Providence is a result of your generosity and continued support. God’s spirit certainly continues to be on the move in this town, and it’s a privilege to join in the good work that is being done.