November '16 Update

Greetings from Lake Providence! Things continue to go well with the ministry and mission here in East Carroll Parish. I'm writing on the eve of our upcoming Community Thanksgiving Service. It's great to see people of faith working together across racial and denominational lines for this time of worship. I'll be representing TFH-LA during the service that evening along with other ministers and youth from the Southern Baptist, Missionary Baptist, and Catholic churches.

The Art Club at General Trass High School has received recently a small grant which should enable us to take the students to visit a few art galleries in Vicksburg. Our faculty representative/partner at the high school is currently working on pulling this trip together for the spring. 

Our tutoring efforts continue to go well at Southside Elementary. We've maintained and even added to the number of our volunteers, including a new partnership with Capital One that allows their employees to take time off during their work day to study with these younger students.

On a similar note, I'm very excited to share that I've been approved to teach a GED course at the local community college in Lake Providence. After a former teacher relocated many months ago, no opportunities were available for students to achieve their high school equivalency degree. This will be a wonderful chance both to help these adults with their education/job prospects and to forge new relationships with Louisiana Delta Community College and other affiliated agencies. 

Please continue to pray for the parish and town leadership, the residents, and all those who are working to foster the bright light of Christ in this community. If your Sunday School class or congregation would like to visit Lake Providence or have me speak at your church, please be in touch.