May '19 Update

For the past three years, Together for Hope Louisiana (TFH-LA) has partnered with community agencies to provide scholarship funding for local residents in East Carroll Parish who sought to complete their GED. This series of tests costs $90 dollars, not including resources like study materials, books, paper, or transportation.

With the help of these scholarships, TFH-LA has been able to shepherd through over 25 graduates (26 as of this week). We're proud to say that roughly 90% of students went on to find employment or to enroll in additional technical and college programs after graduation (e.g., CNA and LPN courses and the National Guard).

Because of this important work, Together for Hope (national) has provided a $2,500 grant to Together for Hope Louisiana in order to ensure 25 more graduates.

These grant funds are a direct result of Civil Rides, the 200-mile/3-day trek that went from the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN, to the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, MS, last year. Civil Rides raised money and awareness for rural poverty in America. The money raised will be distributed in small grants like these to support the important work of Together for Hope practitioners across rural America.

To learn more about the important work of Together for Hope Louisiana, visit their website and to learn more about Civil Rides, visit their website 

We’d also like to acknowledge and thank all of the congregations, Sunday School classes, and individual donors who have worked together in sponsoring this program during the first three years. We appreciate you all and continue to need your support!