March '18 Update

Mark your calendars: Lake Providence is hosting its first "Levee Festival and 5K" on Saturday, October 6. We need CBF Louisiana folks to be involved either by: 1) signing up to run/walk, or 2) serving as a volunteer, helping with set-up, logistics, and break down. We'll need lots of volunteers and runners, so please plan to make the trip to Lake Providence to participate in a fun-filled Saturday! There will also be a one mile fun run for younger children.

The run will begin in the morning, while the downtown will have arts and craft vendors, food trucks, and live music. Lake Providence's Downtown Revitalization Committee is hosting the event in order to raise money to continue beautification/development efforts for the town. We'll be launching a website in latter April where you can sign up for the race and to get more general information about the event.

In addition to helping plan this event, I'm continuing to teach GED courses, along with coordinating a basic literacy course, computer literacy, and beginner's math classes. I've also been able to work with high school students recently, helping them think through certain college and career options after they graduate. It's been reported that only two or three local high school students actually enrolled and began college from last year's graduating class. 

I'm looking forward to CBF Louisiana coming up on April 21 for our gathering and a time to volunteer at the community college. We'll be working to take care of some greatly needed beautification projects on campus, which the state budget will not allow to be remedied. If you plan to come up on Friday, take advantage of the hotel options in Tallulah, Vicksburg, or nearby Oak Grove. Blessings!