April / May '17 Update

Greetings from Lake Providence!

Life in town has been bustling over the past few weeks as the school year ended and graduation ceremonies commenced.  Thankfully, the GED (HiSET) program will continue to move along throughout the summer. It’s my expectation that an additional two students will have completed their degree by next month when I sit to write another update. They each have one subtest left and are scheduled to take them within a month.

Of the students who have progressed to the point of taking the tests, all have completed at least two of the five portions. This is a major accomplishment for them, and their confidence only continues to grow. We’ll continue to celebrate with them and help them in their discernment process as they think about their career and educational options after receiving their degree. One young woman is already enrolled in a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) program beginning in June through the Louisiana Delta Community College of Lake Providence.

In late April, the economic/community development plan that I helped write for the town was accepted and approved by the town council. A few residents have been excited to work on a few of the projects in the plan, e.g., the development of a youth leadership program and registering Lake Providence as a Main Street community. These plans have come about as I’ve met with people in town who work with the Historical Society and other local leaders who are already actively working on community development related projects in town.

The summer is gearing up to be a busy time. Three church groups are coming into Lake Providence for a time of service-learning and community work in June and July. We’ll host a reading/literacy day camp in July and other groups will be involved in other service/educational related projects. I’ll also be attending the CBF General Assembly in June. At the beginning of August, we’ll host another effort to help get school supplies to children in Lake Providence. You can find more information about that effort in this newsletter.

Please continue to pray for the efforts of Together for Hope, and thank you for your contributions and support. Know that you are always welcome to come to the Northeastern part of the state to learn more about life in East Carroll Parish and to meet and work with the many people here who are striving to make their community a better place. Take care!