February '17 Update

Greetings from Lake Providence!

These warm winter months have brought some exciting developments. Five GED students are currently in the process of taking their GED tests - a months-long process. It’s a pleasure to announce that the first two students to take a portion of the test successfully passed the parts on which they were working. I’ve also worked to connect students with Workforce Louisiana, an agency which will help students find work while they complete their degrees.

It was a joy to preach and worship with the Church for the Highlands earlier in February. The church is bringing their youth to visit Lake Providence in early March and will join local leaders to do service projects in two of Lake Providence’s parks. Residents of the Newtown Neighborhood Association are excited to join in the workday and to continue building relationships with their CBF partners.

In town, TFH and other citizens are continuing to work with the mayor’s office on the development of a strategic plan with Louisiana Economic Development (LED). Meetings are being held over the span of several weeks in February and March to continue gathering community feedback and to draw up a list of goals and objectives. The plan will guide local business leaders, the city council, and community partners, like Together for Hope, as we discern what types of projects and work we hope to accomplish to help Lake Providence flourish.

Together for Hope - Louisiana, indirectly, will be greatly benefited by this work. We’ll be able to use our resources and networks to join with churches, the city, and business leaders to tackle certain projects and initiatives that emerge out of the strategic plan.  Our mission, in other words, is best served when we listen to and partner with the people of Lake Providence.

As always, groups are welcome to come to Lake Providence for service-learning and retreat opportunities. Be in touch to schedule a visit or to have me come visit your congregation. Also, be sure to like our page on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and check out our updated website to keep up with what’s going on in Lake Providence.